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"Every mine worker returning from work unharmed every day."

Appointment of a service provider for the supply of 32 laptops for the Mine Health and Safety Council for a period of 6 months


Tender Number: MHSC/015-2018-19



1. Maboka Investments

2. Cede Capital

3. Bentech Consulting

4. Netpoint Solutions

5. Gratz Global CC

6. Thato Lebone Trading

7. Luwisa SRSS Pty Ltd

8. Ngholele projects and supply

9. Kwanele Group Pty Ltd

10. Sage Computer Technologies

11. Data Tegra

12. Mokhunane Technologies

13. Dataproof Communications

14. Stubstech and Kodumela Thata joint venture

15. Charitoo Enterprise

16. Vuxeni Information Technologies

17. Veritech ICT Solutions

18. Redefine IT Solutions

19. Khauleza IT Solutions

20. Bubuza supply and Distribution Pty Ltd

21. PEO IT Pty Ltd

22. Tech Team Solutions Pty Ltd

23. Lebonia Media Pty Ltd

24. Destiny Global Technology

25. Vululwani Technologies

26. Itencon Pty Ltd

27. Technology 4 Good

28. Vukona Technologies

29. Flow Centinc Solutions

30. Katlegolesedi Consulting

31. Dire Innovation and Technology

32. Enalding Solutions Pty Ltd

33. OTE-24

34. Community Advertise T/A Cherry Apple Media

35. Dyna Africa IT Solutions

36. Technology Corporate Mang

37. Sage Informatics

38. Virtualise Pty Ltd

39. Viewnet Pty Ltd

40. Mykoo Technologies

41. Cleannet Services Pty Ltd

42. Relesekgo Pty Ltd

43. Frank Thando Tshepo

44. Wide sindes Concepts

45. Nduma and Son Properties

46. Jireriel Engineering Services