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"Every mine worker returning from work unharmed every day."

Vision, Mission, Values

To be the knowledge leader and trusted advisor to the Minister of Mineral Resources and stakeholders on occupational health and safety matters, and to promote the transformation of occupational health and safety in the mining industry towards the achievement of Zero Harm to mine workers and mining communities.


The MHSC’s mission is to promote a culture of occupational health and safety in the mining industry by providing advice to the Minister of Mineral Resources, liaising with statutory bodies, fostering an effective tripartite partnership, and creating and disseminating information on leading practices to the mining industry.


MHSC is pursuing the following goals and all the strategic objectives will be linked to the achievements of these goals:

  • Zero Harm to employees and communities as a result of mining activities
  • To provide knowledge leadership in mining Occupational Health and Safety knowledge.


The MHSC prides itself on a set of shared values that inform and guide the interaction between employees, stakeholders and the mining industry at large. The first initial of these core values together spell the acronym “CIRA” and the acronym represents the following:

Caringdisplaying kindness and concerns to others.

IntegrityIntegrity, honesty and ethical approach in everything we do.

Respect – respect each other and value diversity in ideas, work style, background and skills.

Accountabilityfully commit to improving the health and safety culture in the South African Mining Industry.