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"Every mine worker returning from work unharmed every day."

Appointment of a panel of five service providers for the supply and delivery of stationery to the mine health and safety council for a period of 36 months

  1. Slango Trading and Projects
  2. Palen Trading and Enterprise
  3. Sematra
  4. O Dave Group Pty Ltd
  5. Palmerton Catridges
  6. Aphiwokuhle Holdings
  7. Gwadirega Projects
  8. Unijess Pty Ltd
  9. Kgalalelo Production and media house
  10. SLB Enterprise and Trading
  11. Jabatha Paper and Stationery
  12. Radaba Business Enterprise
  13. K Mathole Investments Pty Ltd
  14. BKNET Pritings

Start Date: 19 September 2021
End Date: 19 October 2021