Mantji Fenyane

IT Senior Manager

Mr. Fenyane has a total of 18 years’ experience in the ICT field.  Mr. Fenyane ICT technical exposure range from ICT Strategy, ICT programs to improve security information, Business Continuity and overseeing disaster recovery management, and deliver lifecycle processes across IT engineering and operations. He led major Enterprise efforts to drive common ICT architecture across organizations he work at.

Mr. Fenyane completed his National Diploma with Technikon University of Technology, collected a number of international ICT qualification including Project Management, ISO 27001 and ITIL V3. Mr. Fenyane also served as a member of the GITOC and SITA Evaluation Committee

Mantji Fenyane was appointed on January 2014 and joined MHSC team. He was appointed as Senior ICT Manager of MHSC. Mantji Fenyane is the member of Executive Committee, also serve in the following committee Audit Risk Committee (ARC) and Information Technology Steering Committee ITSC).  

Mr. Fenyane is responsible for the IT strategy, ICT operations and processes, he is also responsible for overseeing all aspects of information technology, information security, data, developing and maintaining IT solutions inclusive of network, computing, server, storage, collaboration and infrastructure.