SIM 150801 “Review of the SIMRAC Handbook for Occupational Health in the South African Mining Industry.”

Review the changes and advancements in Mining Occupational Health since 2001. Produce a revised version of the current SIMRAC Handbook based on approved recommendations.

Status & Comments: 
  • All Milestones submitted, Milestone 3 not approved yet - been with External Reviewers various times. Researcher request for Financial aid to complete according to the requested requirements.


  • Researcher send mail on the 29th October stating that certain Chapters will not be corrected as extra funds are required to get it done by external parties.


  • Letter issued to SIMRAC during December meeting. SIMRAC Requested additional information from Governance to make the recommendation to SIMRAC


  • Anticipated payment penalty for Milestone 3 or Contract Cancellation.


Name of Service Provider: 
The Guild
Contract Amount: 
R 998 640
Contract End Date: 
Saturday, March 31, 2018
Outstanding Balance: 
R 327 180.00
No. of Milestones Completed: 
  • All Milestones submitted in June, not Approved by Reviewers.


  • Not paid yet, Milestones 3, 5 and 8.