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Programme Manager: Culture Transformation And Women In Mining (Ref. CTAC/WIMAC/11/2022)

The position is at Management Level and reports to the Chief Research Operation Officer.



Job Purpose
To oversee the Culture Transformation Advisory Committee (CTAC) and Women in Mining Advisory Committee (WIMAC) to efficiently manage its progammes to implement the Culture Transformation Framework and Women in Mining Initiatives in order to advise council on standards, policies, procedures and health/safety trends.


Minimum Requirements

  • Appropriate Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma (e.g. mining, engineering related)
  • 3 years mining related experience.
  • 2 years in the management of projects.


Key performance areas:

The successful candidate will be responsible for, but not limited to the following:

  • Ongoing communication and interaction with stakeholders in order to identify occupational health and safety needs.
  • Identification of target group (stakeholders, end-users and relevant authorities) that would benefit by the outcomes of the CTAC and WIMAC programmes developed.
  • Development of annual Programme for implementation plan after each biennial summit (Summit Action Plan).
  • Coordinate activities related to Summit outcomes through advisory committees.
  • Develop a programme to raise awareness on Summit Action Plan in collaboration with Dissemination unit of the MHSC Centre of Excellence.
  • A project file per project is created for the life of the project.
  • Content of the project file to be as per project management standards.
  • Develop a plan for hosting the MHSC summit.
  • Coordinate engagements with stakeholders during summit preparations
  • Collect data on summit milestones and produce a report.
  • Assist in ensuring that the programme for the summit is developed.
  • Assist in coordinating the Principals engagements in preparation for the summit.
  • Analyse Summit data and provide direction for the Summit on whether targets are to be reviewed or maintained.
  • Develop a programme for implementation.
  • Coordinate activities to support the Culture Transformation Framework (CTF) through relevant advisory committees.
  • Engage stakeholders to ensure implementation of their respective activities in line with CTF.
  • Regularly review progress on implementation of CTF and report to Council.
  • Provide corrective actions where needed.
  • Give inputs to Centre of Excellence if research is necessary and monitor progress.
  • Annual executive summary is provided from CTAC programmes through the submission of: Figures and overviews of the projects managed are prepared for collation.
  • Provision of information to assist in the formulation of short and long-term plans for the MHSC.
  • Input to the Strategy plan is appropriate.
  • Networking with local and overseas institutions.
  • Awareness of global health and safety trends directions, new developments, products and equipment that may improve health and safety conditions at mines.
  • Scheduled interaction with stakeholders in preparation for future health and safety needs analysis.
  • Develop calendar of interactions.
  • Attendance of conferences and seminars.
  • All steps in the process are covered and thought through in terms of possible implications to other areas.
  • Work and action plans fit in with given project or operational requirements.

The MHSC is an equal opportunity employer. Appointments will be made in accordance with the MHSC EE Policy. Women, Coloureds, Indians, Whites and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. MHSC reserves the right not to make an appointment.

Please forward a detailed CV, clearly quoting the reference number of the position to: Recruitment@mhsc.org.za Enquiries should be directed to HR Department at 011-656-1797.


Closing date: 25 November 2022.

NB: No late applications will be accepted.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Mine Health and Safety Council
Sorry! This job has expired.