Special Projects

Effects of nutrition housing provision on OHS
This study was commissioned to investigate the current housing situation of mineworkers, and establish whether there is any association between housing and health and safety at work.  A further motivation for this study is that the
Effects of HIV AIDS on occupational health and safety
The estimated prevalence rate of HIV infection among adults in the southern region of Africa was 20 per cent at the end of the year 2000. The effect of HIV/AIDS on safety, health, and occupational diseases other than tuberculosis has been
Effective training methods in strata control for underground workers
Assessments of accident records indicate the need for improved understanding and competence among underground production and service personnel with regard to strata control, and the associated risks, in gold and platinum mines. The
Develop means of assessing occupational risk for mine employees
Develop a trapped miner location system rescue technology
World history of post disaster survival and rescue operations show that, after a rock fall or rockburst, early knowledge of the number of trapped miners and their location dramatically increases their chances of survival.From the results
Determine the impact of SIMRAC research in GAP sector
Since the establishment of the Safety in Mines Research Advisory Council (SIMRAC) in 1993, it has expended large sums of money, levied from the mines, on research to address safety and health issues in the mining industry.  SIMRAC has
Compensation through autopsies conducted under the ODMW Act
The Occupational Diseases in Mines and Works Act (ODMWA) makes provision for the autopsy examination of the cardiorespiratory organs of deceased miners and ex-miners for the purposes of compensation.Three institutions are involved in the
Assessment of the design of refuse bays in coal mines
Analysis of incidents involving SCSR activation
An investigation into the problems associated with technology transfer