Special Projects

Reasons for unsafe acts and neglect in SW and HW accidents
Primary causes of accidents on mines other than gold coal platinum
Occupational health practice in the SA mining industry
The “Handbook on Occupational Health Practice in the South African Mining Industry” provides managers, union officials, engineers, health and safety practitioners, occupational hygienists and occupational medical and nursing
Multiple occupational health hazards Phase 1
Introduction  The complexity of chemical and biological interactions in exposure to multiple chemicals has become a subject of wide concern.  In addition, exposure to certain chemicals in the presence of physical hazards may
Manual of best practice for emergency response procedures
This project was designed to have the following outputs: Recommendations for best practices to deal with coal mine emergencies, with emphasis on inrushes, fires and explosions.Provide a document from which training staff can formulate
Improved footwear for use in the SA mining industry
Heavy metals in mineral processing plants the risk of exposure
The presence of heavy metals and exposure of employees thereto in mineral processing plants in South Africa have not been studied and described in a format that can be used as a general reference document.  This document provides a
Hazards associated with rock tipping etc
FULCO other non standard arrangements on injuries in SA mines
This project is a feasibility study to investigate the potential for designing a full quantitative study of the effects on underground safety of 3 main work organisational changes that have occurred in the South African mining industry
Ergonomics programme standards for functional work capacity
Ergonomics is not a new concept to the South African mining industry. The Mine Health and Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996) makes specific reference to ergonomics. Section 21(1)(c) of the Act states that: any person who designs, manufactures,