Rock Falls

Numerical modelling of mine workings
This report covers the production of a general reference handbook of numerical modelling for the South African mining industry, with particular reference to the gold and platinum industries. It also covers a research sub-project
Multi-seam design procedures
Methods to combat mud rushes in diamond and base metal mines
Methodology for the determination of geotechnical areas
Variable rock mass behaviour is present in Witwatersrand and Bushveld mining districts. Geotechnical classification of the stoping environments is therefore essential.  However, a sound methodology that classifies these environments
Methodology safe cleaningmaking safe of various height highwalls
The safe cleaning and making safe of opencast coal mining highwalls were identified for research and the topic was gazetted for the 2000 SIMRAC research programme.  The project commenced in June 2000, with the primary outputs of the
Lit. survey on the advance detection of dykes in underground coal mines
To minimise risk, a more effective system of mine planning and operation is required which calls for advance knowledge of structural and geological conditions ahead of the coal  working face. This research project attempts to identify
Layout and support for tunnels in different rock types stress regimes
Investigation of factors governing the stability of stope panels
Investigation of factors governing the stability/instability of stope panels in order to define a suitable design methodology for near surface and shallow mining operations is necessary for the following reasons:  to document a
Investigation into support systems in SA collieries b
In order to eliminate fall of ground accidents, Safety in Mines Research Advisory Committee (SIMRAC) initiated a research programme to investigate the roof support systems that are currently being used in South African collieries. The aim
Investigation into support systems in SA collieries
A study of falls of ground in South African collieries by van der Merwe et al. (2000) concluded that the majority of falls of ground occur under supported roof. For this reason it was decided that roof support systems should be