Rock Bursts

Effect of repeated dynamic loading on tunnel support performance
Seismicity causes the most severe loading conditions for tunnel support systems in deep-level South African gold mines.  The design of such support systems should therefore incorporate the potential effect of seismicity on support
Dynamic testing of stope face support using a testing facility
The development project GAP 611 comprised essentially four phases: design, construction, proof testing and a brief programme of testing of actual supports.The project was driven by the perception that existing support testing equipment
Dynamic load testing of tunnel support systems
Dynamic load testing of rockbolt elements for safer support design
In 1993 a series of tests on rebar rockbolts and cone bolts was completed using impulsive loading, and dynamic testing of wire mesh, lacing and shotcrete was carried out under project GAP 221 which was reported early in 1997.  As an
Develop preconditioning and fault slip techniques to control rockbursts
Develop improved strategies for mining highly stressed areas
Develop and implement preconditioning techniques
Determination of joint stiffness to improve numerical modeling
Design of closely spaced dip pillars
Design development of effective support system for tabular stopes
Rock mass instabilities represent the single largest cause of injuries and fatalities suffered by the workforce in South African gold and platinum mines. The majority of rock-related fatalities (± 56 per cent) occur in the immediate