Occupational Diseases

The use of sputum screening as active case detection method of TB
The Prevalence and trends of smoking in SA platinum miners
TB Management in the SA mining industry
SIMRAC GEN 509 enabled the Pathology Department at the National Institute for Occupational Health to upgrade the structure of the autopsy data capture sheet to produce comprehensive annual reports and conduct specific problem-orientated
Surveillance of respiratory diseases across the mining industry
Study of effectiveness of annual 6 monthly screening with MMR
BackgroundDespite an expanded tuberculosis (TB) control programme, TB incidence rates in the gold mining industry have risen progressively during the 1990s to levels of over 3,000 per 100,000 men per year. Deaths while on TB treatment now
Silicosis prevalence and risk factors in black gold miners
Background   Silicosis is an incurable but preventable disease, with a number of recognised complications including tuberculosis, loss of lung function, progressive massive fibrosis and lung cancer.   Recent studies have
Respiratory health effects of exposure to crystalline silica
Recurrent pulmonary tuberculosis and chronic obstructive lung disease
Preventive therapy against tuberculosis for SA mineworkers
Prevelence of respiratory occ. diseases in the plat. industry