Machinery and Transportation Systems

The influence of ergonomics of trackless machines on safety and health
The ergonomics of locomotive design in mines
Test modified detaching hooks
Technology transfer of winder rope research
In the early 1980's, winder ropes research in South Africa gained new momentum when it was decided to investigate the validity of the regulations governing the strength of winder ropes. Although knowledge of, and experience with winder
Safety detaching hook specification
1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Subiect The subject of this specification is safety detaching hooks for mine shaft conveyances.According to South African Law1 it is a legal requirement for all winding systems, where the end of the winding
Safe use of winder ropes winder influences discard criteria
Rope condition assessment and discard criteria
Various SIMRAC projects have been carried out over the past seven years to verify and refine the discard criteria of SABS0293: The South African Bureau of Standards Code of Practice for the Condition Assessment of Steel Wire Ropes on Mine