Behavioural Safety

Smoking prevention programme for SA mining
Background: The high prevalence of smoking on the mines contributes significantly to the public health burden due to exposure to crystalline silica dust and high HIV and TB prevalence rates. Progressive anti-tobacco legislation that
Safety culture in the SA mining industry
A safety culture survey and analysis of the safety culture of the South African mining industry, initiated by The Mine Health and Safety Council’s research arm, SIMRAC, was carried out by SAFEmap and completed in April 2005. 
Prevalance of alcohol and substance use and relationship to safety
1.0 INTRODUCTION    Alcohol misuse is one of the most significant public health concerns facing South Africa today. Globally, cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug, with an estimated 144 million people using it
Assessment of risk to aid implementation of management actions
Assessment of risk to aid implementation of management actions
Alcohol and Cannabis use among SA miners
1.0 INTRODUCTION   Alcohol misuse is a major public health concern in South Africa today. Cannabis (popularly known as dagga locally) constitutes the main drug of abuse in Africa (2) and early reports of its use on this
A behaviour based health and safety model
The primary objective of this study was to develop a success factor model to establish and manage a harmonious and motivating work environment, conducive to a committed and empowered work force, sustained health, safety and